We found our seats. The theatre was so big and there were so many people. All sorts of different people. Students, smart sorts, emos, goths, punks, parents with children and me and Ruth.

The lights dimmed and out they came. Two cellos, two violins, a double base and a computer! Then he walked on stage. A small man, balding, with glasses, wearing a baggy old jacket, black jeans and black work boots. He sat at the piano.

We were transported. A disparate mass of varied humanity joined as one, holding our collected breath before each of the notes, which fell like magic raindrops.

Now, when I am at home, in my sunny kitchen, writing, I listen. I listen and I am humbled and inspired in equal measure by Ludovico Einaudi's exquisitely beautiful music. I urge you to do the same. The evening I will never forget. The music I will carry with me forever.