Monday morning. Stretch, yawn, isn’t it Sunday still? I turn over and hit the snooze botton. Snuggle in close, much better under here. But morning won’t last forever, and I must get to work before it ends. Quick shower, too late to brew coffee. Running back for the keys.

I get out to my little red Honda Civic, covered in morning dew. I get in and almost miss the folded up piece of notebook paper under my windshield wiper. Getting out I peel off a soggy piece of blank paper, folded around another piece of paper with hurried, penciled letters runny across the dripping page.

5:00pm Sunday

I’ve been looking for you! -> Everywhere!!! I hope all is well on your end…I’m doing much better. I went to Hawaii for a week to kinda clear my head…Hope to hear from you soon. I’m now living back @ my moms house. The phone # is (xxx) xxx-xxxx Call me -> Now! But DO NOT call after 10:00pm. DO leave a message w/ your phone # exc. Hope to see you -> SOON!


P.S. If you are NOT Marissia Don’t Call! If you know her please forward this! Sorry to bother you!

I stared at the note for a minute, trying to figure out who “TB” was. Then I remembered. I am not Marrisia. Must have been my car, looked like 'Marrisia's. OR maybe TB as leaving notes on cars at random, hoping to reach Marrisia. Or am I just a pawn? I look around furtively, then shrug.

Tossing the soggy note onto the back seat, I pulled out into the steady stream of traffic, behind a little red Honda Civic. Strange things happen in small cities.

Note: Letter has been transcribed as exactly as my knowledge of html tags allows, right down to what I assume is TB's creative abreviation of etcetera. Phone number has been omitted to protect the possibly innocent.