It is interesting to find so many writeups in this node mentioning "stupidity", and yet missing the whole point of daytime running lights. If you don't know the reason for daytime running lights, then you should have them installed in your car right away! Only ShadowNode seems qualified to make a judgment as to whether lights are needed or not. Apparently, one cannot stress enough that daytime running lights 
  • is for other cars
  • can be turned OFF 

Countries in Europe that have laws for daytime running lights show a much lower figure for head-on collisions during daytime than countries that don't. 

When it comes to the United States, one only has to watch a short time of daytime television talk shows and "peoples courts" such as Judge Matis or Jerry Springer to realize that there is vast amounts of people not intellectually capable of driving safely by their own means. This also corresponds to actual observations when driving around some, don't you agree ? 

Key factors to safe driving are, according to a internationally acknowledged Swedish/Norwegian study, in order of importance  

  • Attitude - Psychological tests show a high correlation between a high-risk lifestyle and accidents. High-risk lifestyle includes risky social behavior of any kind including breaking rules and laws other than those associated to driving. This category is over represented by men under 30 years of age. Most are men in 18-25, seeking not only excitement and action, but also respect from friends. Men under 30 are very overly represented in accident statistics, yet they rate themselves among the highest when asked about their own abilities as drivers. Accidents in this group are more often blamed on outer circumstances. Also, the people in this group is less likely to learn by mistakes and a history of accidents does not make the driver more careful. This fit well into the psychological profile of this group. Most members in this group also said that they drive emotionally and very often get upset with how others drive.
  • Driving speed - Too high speed is not only the cause of many accidents, it is also the cause of most lethal accidents. The chance of serious or lethal injury increases exponentially with speed.
  • Outer conditions - The condition of the car, the road, the weather and the driver. Bad tires, slippery roads, snow haze and intake of alcohol seriously impair the ability of the driver to drive safely.
  • Driver skill - Some drivers are not equipped to handle a car under certain conditions and some does not handle stress very well. About 2/3 of all drivers think if themselves as being "better than average" drivers and 1/4 consider themselves to be "average". This leaves only 1/12 being "worse than average"...