I can't see how Napster is illegal. Napster is as far as I know a program/service that facilitates the exchange of files, specifically music files. It can be used legally, and everything else is abuse.

Of course the people behind Napster know that it is being used for illegal purposes, but that is not the issue, really, even though some attorneys want to give that impression. Shutting down Napster won't do any good, of course. There are already other programs out there that help people exchange their illegal files, whether it be music, pr0n or divx movies.

This is, unfortunately, the same thing as DMan refers to; the good ol' gun freaks slogan: Napster isn't stealing music, people are stealing music. This, however, could be a fair reason for shutting down Napster.

I disagree with the ShadowNode "Just because something is illegal, does not make it wrong". I think it is indeed wrong, at least in a democracy.
I agree with Shifted that we should voice what should be legal or not. But we should not act upon it!
I don't agree with DMans argumentation, but I can see how a shutting down of Napster is well motivated by the fact that it's mostly used illegally.