The world's most expensive metal. At the writing of this, the market price is over $1,100 per troy ounce. This can be compared to the prize of gold, which is about $270 per oz, and platinum at $610.

Palladium can be found in Norilsk Siberia, Sudbury Canada, Stillwaater Montana US and in Bushveld in South Africa. That's about it. The company Norilsk Nickel produces over 40% of the world's palladium - as well as 20% of the world's nickel and platinum.

About half of the palladium produced is used for microelectronic manufacturing - integrated circuits and components. 30% end up in people's mouths as dental alloys. 10% is used for exhaust cleaning in cars, and 5% is made into jewelry.

2002.04.20@00:59 CentrX says re Palladium: According to /46.html palladium is $150/troy oz
It looks like the current market price is about $350.