How about removing these as well:

Cycling - track. Those stupid velodromes and bikes that look like spaceships and those helmets. And then the weird thing when four cyclist try to go as slow they can! Have you ever seen that? They're almost falling over, that's how slow they go! Out!

Shooting. There are 17 different shooting events. Seventeen! What's Olympic about it? It's not a's a silly game. Archery, that's a sport. This is as stupid as having television remote control competitions.

Gymnastics trampoline Yes, you read right! It's in the damn Olympics! Someone will actually win a gold medal for jumping up and down those things you have in the backyard. Well, at least it's "higher"...

Sailing There are eight different classes and I don't understand what any of them have to do in the Olympics. Those are boats. Next come cars and trains.

When it comes to the winter games and the luge I will only paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld:

The luge is probably the only sport where we don't know whether the participation is voluntary or not. It is very possible that the person on the luge has been forced onto it and is just holding on to it for his life. And biathlon? What's next... running and strangling?