Impressive, but don't forget these:

In From Russia with love the pager was used in combo with a car phone. Well, it was 1963... James also had a gadget that would detect whether your phone line was bugged or not, simply by placing it under the phone. He also has a tape recorder hidden in a camera.

In Goldfinger, a seagull on the water is actually James swimming, with his snorkel hidden by the bird.  In this movie he also had two different homing devices, one for placement under a car and one placed in the heel of his shoe. In the Q lab, we can also see a teargas spraying parking meter

Another homing device was used in Thunderball, in the form of a swallowable (?) pill. 

You only live twice introduced a device for opening safes. Just turn the knob and numbers on the device would display the correct code, like magic. James also had a rocket launcher disguised as a cigarette. Would never work today, where smoking is rarely allowed...

In On Her Majesty's Secret Service there was a minature camera, which of course was huge by today's standards. 

Diamonds Are Forever had James using an fingerprints imitator, much like the stuff they use on Mission Impossible. He also had a gadget that would change any voice to someone else's voice. I cannot see how that would be abused if it was available to the public... James also had a wire gun, good for scaling buildings. 

In Live and let die he had a hairbrush that also was a morse code radio transmitter

The man with the golden gun was the film where James had a fake third nipple! Very weird indeed. 

In The spy who loved me James had a watch that could dispense a message printed on a small paper roll. The introductory skiing scene sees Bond using his ski pole gun

For your eyes only had that lovely arm cast in Q's lab that would swing away, crushing the face of whoever's to your side. Also, this is where they had that computer for creating phantom images of villains, and then matching them against Interpol's database. In this one, his watch could display message on a small digital display, plus it was a radio. This is used in the end where the parrot is talking to Margaret Thatcher

In Octopussy James uses his pen to melt metals by dispensing some kind of acid, and thereby escaping from his imprisonment. This time his watch has a small liquid crystal display with which he can follow the villain

Never say never again had James' watch shooting a laser beam that would cut through anything. 

In A view to a kill James searches for microchips with some kind of device that sends out emps. He also had a sophisticated bug detector that would indicate the customary bugging device in James' room. Also, James had sunglasses that would look through one-way mirrors, a handy check replicator, a ring camera] and a credit card lock pick device.

License to kill introduced plastic explosive in toothpaste tube and a laser Polaroid camera.

Reference: I did check some James Bond websites for some of these!