Crazy Taxi Technique

This is how you perform the essential maneuvers apart from steering, in order to enjoy the game:
(F means Forward on the gear shifter, and R consequently Reverse)

  • Crazy Drift: (Power slide) R then F and then turn the wheel hard.
  • Crazy Dash: (Speed increase) With both pedals released, hold F and floor gas pedal. Release shifter.
  • Limit Cut: (Increase speed above maximum!) Release gas pedal. R then F, floor gas pedal after 1/3 sec. Requires extreme timing.
There are more, but learn these first.

These are the drivers you can choose from:

  • Axel, good allround driver.
  • B.D. Joe, very fast car with really bad traction.
  • Gena, Top acceleration and brakes but slow and light.
  • Gus Good traction on this heavy car, although acceleration sucks.