The Newtonite is the award-winning newspaper of Newton North High School in Newton, MA. With a circulation of 3,000, it appears bi-weekly with 16 pages of local and city-wide news, opinion, news analysis, features, arts, on campus events, and sports. Currently in its 81st year, it remains free to all students; others can subscribe for eight dollars a year.

Editors on the Newtonite work extremely hard--usually 21 hours a week. On press nights, when the staff puts the finishing touches on an issue, editors regularly stay until midnight or 1 a.m. and then go home to do homework. What's more, editors don't even get a free dinner; the staff usually orders five pizzas and splits the cost, despite profits of approximately $2,000 per issue from ad sales.

Marked by such diligence, however, the Newtonite has won an incredible number of honors over the years; it is one of the most distinguished high school newspapers in the country. Recent awards include the 2002 Silver Crown and the 2001 Gold Crown, the highest award of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association of Columbia University; all-Columbian honors in news-writing; the 2001 George H. Gallup Award from the Quill and Scroll Society at the University of Iowa; and a resolution of honor from the City of Newton.

School paper of Newton North High School
Address Newtonite; 360 Lowell Ave.; Newtonville, MA; 02460
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Editors-in-chief Ben Badler, Julia Carney
Staff members 66