Its Sunday morning here in Australia, and I just had a huge laugh after seeing the new Toyota Camry ad in the paper. To explain why, lets take a little trip back in time.

It's January. It's summer. And it's hot. Me and five of my closest friends are in the city celebrating my 20th birthday. We'd been in Soup Plus, a funky underground jazz club for a couple of hours. Then we decided to leave, and go in search of coffee and cocktails. Skip forward five minutes. We're walking past the Martin Place fountain, and my friend and I exchange smiles. We had a brilliant idea. A minute later. Shoes off and bags in a pile. A minute later. My friend and I are swimming/splashing in the fountain. Can you blame us? It's too hot even for summer. Five minutes and a couple of photos later. And we've renewed our now dripping wet search of cocktails and coffee.

Return to present time. Now you can't blame me for having a good laugh when I looked at the latest Camry ad. It shows a picture of an empty Martin Place. A car parked in the middle. And a man in a business suit, climbing dripping wet out of Martin Place fountain. The text reads Buy a Camry, then do something crazy!!!

You can make your own opinion about me and craziness. For my friend and I it was just a little fun, and a great way to get cool on a summer night in the middle of Sydney.