Although greatly generalised, I believe the majority of concert goers can be split into three categories.

The first being those people who like it moshy and crazy. Squashed like sardines in a can, moving as much as humanly possible in the sweat bath which surrounds them. They push to the front, directly before the stage, a mass throbbing in time with the music.

The second being those people who sit on their bums, perhaps going as far as to bob their head, or tap their feet if they get hyped enough. A variant of type two being those who insist they cannot dance, and stand amidst the crowd bobbing their head to their favourite songs.

And last but by no means least is the third type of concert goer. Those who dance like no one is watching, and sing till they're out of breath. They're the middle ground. Usually located just beyond the hardcore moshers, where there is a little space, plenty of people, and a great vibe. They float on the music, their bodies building up to the highs, and mellowing out on the lows.

I am a type three. And tonight's Incubus concert was fucking awesome.

Seeing the ecstasy on a face when the first riff of a personal favourite vibrates through the room.

Witnessing the pleasure in a persons eyes at the acoustic unexpected -

'Earth Angel. Earth Angel. Will you be mine... I'm just a fool. A fool in lust with you.'

I had the most amazing night. And as the hum of the speakers faded, and the lights came on, all I could think was - Wish You Were Here