In response to the replies concerning my writeup in May 4, 2002-

The world is just not full of confusing, unpredictable guys. It is full of confusing, unpredictable people! Let's face it, no matter how open and truthfull we may all want to be, it is not going to happen. We will eventually end up holding something back, not telling everything we know or feel. We will wait too long to say something. We will tell the wrong person the wrong thing.

Only when two people try to be as open as possible with each other will the relationship even have a chance of succeeding. But often before two people are in a relationship, they forget that you still need to be open with the other person. I'm quite guilty of this. As humans we are afraid of rejection. You share your feeling and truthful, you may be rejected. Heck, you may be called some pretty bad names, given some pretty bad looks, and not talked to for some time by that person. But we still need to be truthful, it's for the other person to learn how to deal with the truth.*

But I'm not the best person to get relationship advice from. I have no present boyfriend, and I am not totally honest with the guy I like. My advice comes with no guarantee. Please take it as what you will.

Something I forgot to add to May 4, 2002 that I had learned lately is that guys can be really sweet and caring. Some guys seem to be able to say just the right thing at just the right time!

*I in NO way would like to imply that you should be honest with someone with the sole purpose of hurting them. The truth should be used as a tool to improve things, not destroy them.