Lately I have been questioning the purpose in titles like boyfriend and dating and going out. It seems these titles do not really do anything for the relationship. Words can not change how you feel nor can they even begin to describe how you feel about each other.

Their main purpose is to give others an easy way to talk about your relationship and how serious you are. In reality, just because you are dating doesn't mean you aren't seeing some other person. Only the two people in the relationship know how serious they are and hopefully are honest with the other about any other relationships they may have.

I was with the guy I like last night and the thought crossed my mind of what we were, in terms of relationships. I then realized it didn't matter. What I cared about was how he felt about me. I could tell from not only his words, but his actions exactly how he felt. Suddenly I didn't really care if others had an easy way to describe us, for there are no easy explainations when it comes to people. The most important thing is what is in his heart not the words used by humans in a futile attempt to describe these feelings.