He called me beautiful.
He told me I was a good listener.
He said he liked me.

It's been almost two years since anyone said these things to me. Two years in which I had complained to this same guy about how no one liked me and I questioned him as to why guys didn't like me. He had no answers, always saying I was a nice girl. I had liked him on and off for awhile, never anything even close to serious. He had always made it clear we were just friends, which was fine by me. He was a good guy, the type everyone needs for a friend.

And then last night he tells me he likes me. I grinned and blushed as he complimented me, for he knew no one had in awhile, atleast when it came to things like my looks. I asked him for how long he had liked me. He said when he had seen me the other day. I don't see him a lot, but talk to him on MSN quite a bit.

This was after he told me he was drinking. Nothing serious, just enough to get him a bit less nervous. I know he drinks occationally, but never really gets drunk, and never drives when he has been drinking. We had been joking earlier that one of these days I was going to have to drink with him. Neither of us are of age, and I have never drank before. It's one of those things you wonder what it is like. I jokingly told him later that now I knew why he wanted to get me drunk, especially since he had suggested we go camping. His rule for drinking is no driving. Camping means no one leaves. He said he wanted me to drink for my first time with someone that wouldn't take advantage of me, and he was curious to see what I was like when I drank. I, of course, know that we will most likely never drink together, but if we did, he would be the last guy on earth to take advantage of me.

I seem to have had a smile on my face most of the day. I miss those days knowing someone else in the world liked you and whispered those sweet little words in your ear.