"Mom can't watch the news at night, there's too much stuff that's making her cry."

I've stopped watching the evening news. For the longest of times, I watched it diligently. I felt compelled to learn what was going on in the world around me. Suddenly, though the news seems so bias and meaningless. It is only filled with human interest stories, yet I am human and they hold no interest for me.

We have declared war and yet it hardly makes the top news story most days. I read someone's node about how this is the lest fun war we have ever been engaged in. Our nation has seemed to forget we are at war, much less thought about whether it was fun, right, wrong, or otherwise. This is not a 'conflict' or 'dispute', we are at war. And yet, somehow, nothing has changed. No one seems to be for or against the war.

I hate this war.

I hate how we never seem to hear the whole story on the news. I'm left trying to dig it up on the internet. And yet, does it matter? Who cares that more civilians have been killed in Afghanistan due to our bombing campaigns then were killed in the September 11 attacks? Apparently no one, and the news isn't volunteering this information either. We have freedom of speech, but what about when the news agencies are bias and the government is slow to release details. We are free to talk about the little that we know, but is it the truth?

"the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God."

We don't know the whole truth and perhaps shall never do so. In the end, what really matters? I'm not sure, and this worries me.