Saying 'I told you so' doesn't help anything and only works if you had in fact told that person so.

I never told Chris so. Who was I, his single female friend who's relationships never work out, to tell him that going out with this girl wasn't a good idea? He liked her, and she appeared to like him. I was not good friends with her and hold no grudges against her. I know only what Chris has told me.

I talked to him last night and he said that they have broken up. They have being going out for almost a year and a half. He had always seems so happy when he talked about her. I rarely though saw them together. He is away at college and I usually talk to him over the internet. He called her 'the love of my life'. I had sincerely wished them the best of luck. I was begining to believe in destiny and fate. Here, his first girlfriend and he has probably found 'the one'.

I want so much to help him. He and I have always helped each other. I was the one that he had worried that he would graduate from high school without kissing a girl or having a girlfriend. I hoped that his senior prom might change this. But his date I was unsure about. There were rumors at my small and very closed minded school that she was gay or atleast bi. I was unsure if they were true. I figured that they were rumors.

They started going out at prom. He immediated asked what I thought of his girlfriend. I wished them the best of luck. They were a cute couple. And they seemed very happy together. I only worried because I knew she was more 'experienced' than he was. I worried that he may be mistaking lust for love. I only hoped he wouldn't be too broken hearted if things didn't turn out for the best. But then again, I'm almost two years younger and not had the best of luck with relationships so I kept my mouth shut.

I'm trying very hard not to tell him 'I told you so'. I wished and hoped that they would be happy together and I still think they might. All I can do now is hope and listen.