I'm quite mad at Burger King. Well, perhaps mad isn't the right word, I'm more deeply disappointed. And appalled.

I went to Burger King today and picked up their kids' magazine. Yeah, that same thing you read when you were little and then sent in the club membership form. You felt soo cool when that card came in the mail. Anyway, so I picked up this magazine/fun book because it was about Lord of the Rings movie. I looked through it and it seemed pretty basic. It had a color the picture of Frodo, a word scamble, and a maze of Saruman's castle. As I looked closer I also saw a strip of gold on the side with some elfish lettering on it. An arrow pointed to it and said to have an adult help you make you and your friends your own fellowship rings.

Ok, perhaps its just me, but does this not sit well with anyone else that has read the Lord of the Rings books?? Isn't the point of the books that we must DESTROY the ring? Gandalf points out many times to Frodo that you should NOT except in extreme situations wear the ring. The ring must be destroyed, not used. If you wear you come under the power of evil and Sauron. Now if I'm a parent, I don't exactly want my kid wearing a ring like that, no matter how fake it is.

This is probably the first time I am seriously considering writing a letter to a major corporation. Usually I decide that my complaint is quite small and trivial, but this seems a bit too much.

I have to wonder what kind of people make those magazine fun books.