The water tower in our town is on of those that is enclosed. Think a LARGE metal cone for those of you that don't have these around your hometown. My friend Dennis's mom is in charge of making sure that the water tower in proper, working condition. I was over at their house, and she had to go check on some stuff. Dennis and I went along for the ride. As his mom was checking the stuff, he brought me over to the water tower.

Before I go any farther I should explain some things. At this time, I liked Dennis. I also had a great respect for him. He was the only kid in our grade that had a driver's license (he had gotten his early because he lived on a farm). Dennis also was the kind of guy that didn't treat you like a 'girl'. He treated you like a human being, and would talk to you for hours about anything at all. Usually about his passions in life: trains, HAM radios, or raising cattle. All in all, I was trying to find out if he liked me back.

So there we were, outside the water tower. I didn't know what to expect inside. I was hoping possible, maybe, by some miracle chance, a kiss or, at the very least, some words to assure me that he liked me. What I got was totally different. We walked in. It is hard to explain what I felt. I was kind like a cross between the holiest, most pristine church you can imagine and the most amazing sunset in your life. It filled me with an awe that I will never forget.

It also was extremely romantic. It was the kind of place (if it wasn't for all the echoes, I suppose) you would want to make love. Or at the very least, here someone say "I love you" for the first time.

Perhaps I am only one of a few people that have ever been in a water tower. In the end, nothing ever did become of us going to the water tower, but its something I won't ever forget.