I just read Lucy-S's daylog. I sympathise. I can't read either, but for a totally different reason.

Usually at this time of year, I'm reading 3 or 4 books a week...mostly junk but with a few gems in the mix. I'm a huge sci-fi nut, the harder, the better, and I'm always scouring the shelves of my local library for new releases. Or going to the bookstore, seeing what's new, and then rushing home to put holds on them at the library. (I read way to much to buy many books...my house overflows with them as it is.)

But now.....here's my sob story....

I quit smoking in September. (Good for me!) I used Zyban to help me, and it worked great as far as helping me quit. However, I had a bad reaction to it emotionally and spiralled down into depression. My poor kids...I was psycho-mom for a while.

So, here I am now, off the Zyban, still not smoking (yay), taking Celexa for depression and awaiting an appointment with a psychologist. AND I CAN'T READ!!! I can't seem to sit still long enough to get past a page or two. It's making me crazy. I've got the new Robert Jordan sitting here, and a Robin Hobb that I was looking forward to, just collecting dust.

I hope spring gets here soon. I can't help but feel that everything will be better in the spring...when my bare feet can make contact with mother earth again and I can have good, honest dirt under my fingernails.