I went to visit my son at his college yesterday. It was a happy/sad day for me. I look at him and I feel so proud of him. He's independent, and doing well at school, and happy to be living in the city. He walked me around the school, showing me different things, explaining how his days are spent and he's so confident and comfortable in his surroundings. Makes me feel like I've really done something right

Then I went home and felt so sad. I realized that he's not really mine anymore. He is truly his own person now, and while he may still ask for my help or advice now and then, he doesn't really need me anymore.

When my kids were small, I sometimes daydreamed of the day when they were all grown up and my house would be my own again...when I would no longer be tripping over toys and washing crayon off the walls. I'd take those days back now if I could.

Ah, well. Someday I'll be a grandmother!