Children are not a gift from god. There is no mystery to how they arrive in the world. And there is no shortage of methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies. So why then do some people continue to produce children they don't want and have no intention of raising responsibly?

When deciding to become a parent , one must consider all aspects of child-rearing, not just the helpless infant stage. This kid is going to drive you nuts sometimes. Are you prepared for that? She is going to tell you "no!", and "that's not fair," and perhaps "I hate you!" She may get into trouble, and embarrass you. Can you handle it? Or will you give up, wash your hands of her?

Children are a great responsibility. One of the most joyous and difficult tasks of your life. And it is a long-term commitment. All children deserve to be loved, wanted, cherished. There should be someone in each child's life for whom they are most special. Children do not ask to be born; we have them for our own selfish reasons - for immortality, to fulfill a need, to gain attention. Some children come to this world through sheer laziness.

So we owe it to our children, and ourselves, to take the time, make the commitment, and raise them to the best of our abilities. They are our future and the future of our planet.

They will choose your nursing home.

This rant brought to you by a really pissed-off mom.