This show plays in Austin, TX at the Alamo Drafthouse downtown every spring. It's usually quite an experience, and by intermission has almost certainly degenerated into raucous alcohol-induced1 shouting and laughing. The show at the Alamo is fully MC'ed by one of the staff members, and includes audience participation via yelling and games involving a large inflatable penis and an inflatable sex doll. Most years, one gets to see a range of cartoon animation, claymation, and CG work. Favorites include No Neck Joe and Beyond Grampa, and special treats like Radioactive Crotch Man, Angry Kid by Nick Park (of Wallace and Grommit fame), and the magical animation of Don Hertzfeld who brought us the child-beating Billy's Balloon, the gut-wrenching Rejected and the too-true-to-life L'Amour.

1. The Alamo serves beer, unlike most cinemas in the US.