Well, today I found out that my life is completely fucked up. Last night, I e-mailed a female acquaintance, telling her about one of my friends that likes her. This was, and I realize it now, a very, very childish thing to do. He was too shy to tell her, but I've also now realized that there are many more things that I have just complicated (though I still do not know what those things are).

Now that I have done this, and been in school for a day, I've realized what a mistake it was doing this. Now I've got a bunch of my friends (I'm hesitant to call them former friends) against me, because of the idiotic action that I persued last night, while I was not awake.

To the people that I have hurt: If there is any way that I could ever make this up, please don't hesitate to ask. I am truly sorry for what my actions may have caused between you.

To the people that I have not hurt: I am truly sorry for all of my actions over the last week. There have been so many things in my life that you do not know about (or anyone, for that matter), and on top of that, I have not been getting enough sleep to sort all of these things out.

Again, I'm am truly sorry for any damage that has been caused by my immaturity.