Before you downvote this, understand that I am only writing this up because I am angry at some friends, and that this is my only way that I can get this out of me in a non-violent way.
Well, my girlfriend broke up with me tonight. Obviously, I don't like it, though we were only "together" for a few weeks. Supposedly, there were two reasons: first, that she is pretty angry at what I did to another person (see November 13, 2002), and second, that she likes me much more as a good friend than as a boyfriend (see Nice guys finish last).
We had been out on two (possibly three) dates, one to the school play, and one to a movie, the possible one being a walk in the park. Granted, there was not much communication on these, except for the one at the park, but we saw each other most of the day in school, and it was a nice thing to do. On the second one, I put my arm around her shoulder, and she responded by placing her hand on mine. No problem here, I thought.
Then, just today, I learned from a different person that she broke up with me. Not knowing what they were talking about, I played along, figuring that I would learn everything later. She tells me, but at the same time that the friend from November 13, 2002 tells me. See, he wanted to get revenge on me for that whole thing, and this was going to be it. But, now he knows that this is for real, and that means that he may have to form another way of getting revenge on me. That's what really scares me.
According to her, and, mind you, she was a good friend before we got together, and she still is, as was evidenced by how much I was able to talk to her after she broke up with me, this was all set off by another friend, who misinterpreted something she said as her breaking up with me. Though, if the other friend hadn't told me this, then she would have ended up breaking up with me tomorrow, and it would not have really mattered, except that I would have been upset in school the first day.
Granted, I did not love her, and I knew that. However, I also knew that I would really like to be her boyfriend, and her my girlfriend. I knew that we would have a good time, and we would probably enjoy it too. Even though it did not last long, this short relationship was very rewarding, in its own ways. I had only been with two other girls before (one at camp), and, although I did not get anywhere in my most recent relationship, I learned many valuable lessons that I will undoubtably need in any future endevours.
Thank you for listening to my story, however bad it may have been. It was meant only as a way to get my feelings and emotions out, and for nothing more. I would have simply written it and never created it for Everything2 users to read, unless for the fact that I would forever be angry at myself for knowing that (in my own mind), writing something and doing nothing with it is useless. (I suppose this is why I write so little, and that this is only my fourth writeup). I'd think about the fact that, by the time I submit this, the day will already have been over, and no one will ever read it again, but then, I'd feel bad about myself, now wouldn't I?