Hicklebee's is a children's bookstore in San Jose, California. It's located in a neighborhood called Willow Glen on a street called Lincoln Avenue. It is a nationally known children's bookstore and has received quite a bit of media coverage. Many authors there to read and sign books. Sometimes the lines extend down the block when the author is especially notable. When I was in grade school, my favorite author was Louis Sachar who wrote "Side Way Stories from Way Side School." I think that was the title. Anyway, I was getting my hair cut at a salon across the street one day and my mom went over to Hicklebee's. She came running back, holding a copy of his new book, exclaiming that we needed to go over right away. A bit confused, and a bit embarrassed, I left the hair salon with a towel wrapped high around my head. When we got there and I realized he was there to sign books, I was ecstatic. But soon enough, people were watching me with my blue headdress instead of him. He called over to me and we chatted for a bit while people there took photos of us together. It was an odd experience, and somewhere pictures those pictures of me are sitting in boxes or pasted in a scrapbook or rotting in a garbage dump.