Being one of the few people living Nashville that was born and raised here, I know of the forgotten and forbidden bits.

For example the ultra-creepy abandoned cement yard complete with spooky bunkers and the remnants of the satanists that were run out years ago. A great place to visit at dusk, swill beers and listen to the trains. There's also Bobby's Dairy Dip a relic of the fifties, it's a great walk-up burger joint with a gourmet sensibility. They serve the best Angus beef burger to be had in the metropolitan area. On your majestic tour of the city you definitely have to visit what is loving refered to as "The Cheese House". It's difficult to describe, but it's a private residence that strongly resembles two large wedges of Swiss cheese (complete with circular, boat-portal-like windows) placed side by side with an ice cream cone placed artfully off center. Another stop should be Love Circle, I know what you're thinking, it's like "make-out point", a moniker, but no, that's actually the name of the road that circles the hill (which is actually an underground resevoir) and it affords an amazing view of the city in all directions. The best is going up there right before the right sun goes down and watching the street lights come on one by one. Also a good place to watch the sun come up, but a warning, after staying up all night (the only way that I end up seeing the sunrise),the sun is very bright. The Ryman Auditorium is an amazing venue. The acoustics are incredible, when Elvis Costello played there, on several songs he performed without a mic. Again a warning, the seats are wooden pews, bring a cushion or ass paralysis is certain. Like my dear aphexious, there are a billion and one things I've left out, but this is a start.