(eye-MAY-nee-yuh)- A slang term describing the modern propensity of companies to utilize the lower-case letter "i" as a prefix in the naming of products. Some say the habit forming letter was spurred into its high level of use by the release of the iMac from Apple Computer. Others take a more psychological standpoint and say it was brought on by the selfish nature of current generations (thus the letter 'i'). Used in a sentence: Many people consider the iMac and iBook to merely be eye-candy.

This trend has been joined by a new, but similar naming trend where the letter 'X' is added as a prefix or suffix to product branding (i.e.- XBox, OS X (ten), XServe). Perhaps the term XMania (ecks-MAY-nee-yuh) will be coined soon if it hasn't already.