14:05 UTC

Grr. For a while now all the news in Britain has been how bad the weather is and about the flooding. And I've been feeling smug because it's not so bad in Edinburgh. However, today I walked for 1/2 hour in the rain, and am not pleased. I couldn't even just skip my lecture I had to walk to, because I had to pick up stuff. Grr.

Anyway, last weekend I watched a few scary movies. Then last night I watched Wes Craven's New Nightmare on TV. Later, I head a funny noise in the kitchen. I thought I've probably left the window open. I walked into the kitchen, and sure enough, the window was open. There was also a large kitchen knife (psycho killer style) lying on the middle of the floor. As I walked up to the window, I seriously expected something to happen.

But since life's boring, nobody stabbed me and I'm still here.

15:50 UTC

Added a list of my daylogs to my home node, using a script I wrote, plus WWWWolf's Day MetaNoder and kaatunut's e2 Node Tracker. My script was supposed to make the node tracker get the list of daylogs I've done, and then the metanoder to node them up; I'll post the script when it works without hand-hacking. Has anybody noded a metanode for perl scripts for use with e2? I couldn't see one.

13:10 UTC the next day

And then I stayed up late procrastinating, followed by working on uni coursework. I failed to go to bed.