15:43 BST

I managed to get lots of work done last night. Four hours, to be precise. Although I suppose a large part of that was spend chasing nasty bugs. Must crush them today...

Crush! Crush! Crush!

Now for the long commute over to the other end of my CRT...

Millions of years later (hey, I've got a big CRT (I wish))

(Actually 00:05 BST July 9, 2000, ie tomorrow-ish)

Ooops, I forgot to finish noding this up. Well, I managed to do barely anything. I got up rather late (very late actually), and promptly procrastinated for hours on end. I managed to apply my brain to code for a couple of hours - just over 2 hours, to be precise - and then returned to procrastinating. I'm rather good at it.

So, I watched some TV, and... well, that's it. I didn't do anything useful, that I can remember. I didn't even manage to read my daily newspaper (it's the Guardian, in case you wanted to know). Never mind.

For some obscure reason, even though I slept really late,and didn't do anything all day, like for example excercise or anything strenuous, I still felt the need to go to bed -and straight to sleep at that - very early. That is, I'm pretty sure my day was at most about 12 hours long. Weird.

Went to bed feeling bad. Had an argument with mum (that's mom for all you Merkins out there ;)) about nothing important. Even though I knew I was right, and she was wrong, that's not the point; thing is, I got really annoyed about the poor quality of her argument (logic-wise). And then she proceeded to try and make some point by making up a word, which was a non-obvious (ie sounds wrong) combination of two words, like marketdroid-speak, only worse. So then we argued more, and went to bed. I felt so annoyed, not just about arguing, but about myself for feeling superior.

It's odd this, being home from university for the summer. My last summer at home too, as from this year on the flat I'm staying in is mine all year round. I should be able to get along okay... I suppose I do most of the time.