02:19 UTC

What a weird existence I inhabit, compared to the average. Not that I'd want to be average, but... It's 3:19am local time (BST), and not only am I noding, but I just put down my mobile phone, having been called by a friend on his lunch break.

Before I go to bed I think I'll plan what to do when I get up later today. I don't think I'm going to get to sleep too easily. On top of the things I failed to get done today - that would be the waking period day as opposed to the solar one, both of which fail to overlap particularly much - I'd like to:

Hopefully I'll be more productive later on, or at least more fulfilling. I feel a lack of satisfaction on how today/yesterday has gone, nothing much has really happened, and although I've done some stuff, I feel I could make better use of my time while I've still got so much of it.

11:52 UTC

Well, it's today in two senses, and tomorrow in two. Today in that I'm writing about the same day that I wrote about before on this node, July 4, 2000, and in that it's on the same 24hr day in UTC. But it's tomorrow in that it's now past midnight BST (British Summer Time is UTC + 1), and also in that I've slept since the above writing. I've decided that it's best to node about the day I'm noding about on it's entry, whether it's technically yesterday, today, or tomorrow, and call the waking period day the day, unless I feel otherwise. Bah, complications of obscure sleeping schedule

Anyway, I forgot totally about the doctor's appointment, being reminded of it only now. Also forgot about PHP mostly, deciding just to try out WML instead. And empire was a foolish idea; I didn't have time to start reading the rules. However would I find time to play it?

OTOH, I did do some stuff on my website, beaneater.org.uk, including using The GIMP to make some poor pictures for it. Still, I consider it better than some websites around - it's not too graphic heavy or anything, and is minimalistic. But I suck at graphic design! I mean, I can and have wibbled enough text for a reasonable website many many times - each website of which has been quite poor, and probably not visited by anybody - but each time I've torn it down to start over, as I've changed too much since I started writing it. I think my last one might last for longer, if only because I've made an effort to make it easy to update, as well as navigate, and am going to keep a broad smattering of stuff there. When I get round to it.

Secondly, from today: July 3, 2000, I managed to do stuff too. I arranged a driving lesson for tomorrow:July 3, 2000, and phoned the DVLA to see how long the latency is for tests. I also managed to get phoned by my employer (ok, a bit passive accomplishment) for these summer months, to go in and see him tommorow. Seems he's finally got round to giving me some work, hopefully at least. Great, some money, and something to do. Something interesting too, as it's programming Perl, working from home. Fun.

Hmm. I think I'll tick off another of yesterday's, reading The Language Instinct, before I go to sleep. Or shall I node? Okay, just one more node can't hurt...