02:07 BST tomorrow

Hmm. Today was generally really sucky, but with some redeeming features. The overall impression was of a large degree of suckiness.

The Good Bit

Well, on an optimistic note, the good things. I managed to book a driving test on a date I can manage, hopefully, to be a good enough driver by. I managed to get a typhoid inoculation today, and found out that I don't need to get a Hepatitis A injection, as the one I've already had - when I went to Vietnam - is still valid for my India trip.

Also, I met a few people at two different times who I hadn't seen for a while. Which was nice.

The Sucky Bit

After quite a nice, relaxing, lie in bed this morning (1), I suddenly realised that I'd got a doctors appointment (well, a nurses appointment actually) for that typhoid. In half an hour. Which was only barely enough time to get up, shower, wash and dry my long hair, rush down to the pharmacy, and pick up my prescribed typhoid stuff, and rush up to the doctor's surgery to get it administered. I made it with about 0 seconds on the clock; I only waited for around a minute in the waiting room.

A while after that, and some only partially successful organisation later, time to go to work. So I set off on my bicycle to the petrol station. And promptly the chain came off, and jammed so hard I couldn't un-jam it with my hands, or the meager tools I had with me. Only, not so promptly that I could just go back to the house and pick up something to fix it with. Oh no.

Anyway, so I phoned my work, saying "I'll be late!", and then my mum to ask her to give me a lift back home. To add insult to injury, by the time she arrived, I'd fixed the bike, although my hands were black with grease. But I was still late for work, so I cycled home, dropped off the bike, and she gave me a lift to work. To top it all off, that's the second time that bike has stopped me getting to work promptly and on time. I'm going to try and get somebody to fix it properly tomorrow.

And at work... Work was shit. Sorry, but there's no other word for it. I felt weak and tired for some reason (I'd had plenty sleep, BTW), possibly due to the typhoid injection, but I think that only caused the sore arm. I seriously didn't feel like being there, or in fact doing anything other than possibly lying flat out on the floor, optionally preceded by shooting a customer or three several times in the head. Disclaimer: I'm not a gun nut, or much of a psychopath, but sometimes customers can be really annoying. And I can feel... a little violent. Especially when feeling so badly, on a swelteringly hot sunny day, stuck in a little oven-like room with one huge glass window. I settled for dropping my pleases and thankyous all over the place. If the customer wasn't a nice person, or rubbed me up the wrong way, then I was slightly gruff.

Generally, though. Today I seriously felt like life was rather pointless, and very sucky, and that I hated everybody and everything. But not Everything: writing this here on e2 has made me feel a lot better, although it has exposed to me some depressing thoughts, I think. I like this place.

(1) Although I was woken around 06:00 by my PC being still on, whirring - I need to get a cupboard-based computer if I want it to play music for me to go to sleep to, like a long-running compilation of mp3's, because I just cannot stay asleep all night with a PC on.