"Removing the Glove", by Clarence Coo, is a little known contemporary play which satirizes homophobia. The lead character is a teenager named Will, a boy struggling with the discrimination he faces after he discovers that he is left-handed.

Unable to contain his true nature any longer, Will begins to attend a left-handed support group, where they give him the encouragement to face his family and girlfriend and "remove the glove". The following is a bit of Will's heart-rending monologue in front of his family:

... I can still remember my first left-handed experience... I was doing my math homework one day, when my mind started to wander to other things. I looked at my pencil and I thought, what would it be like to put it in my left hand? So I took my apprehensive fingers and I wrapped it gently around that hard, wooden number two, and I slid it across that paper like there was no tomorrow. And it felt so good. So good! It was ecstacy!

This play is a great little one-act. Funny and effective.