Last night's party can be summed up by a drunken rant I posted on a friend's LiveJournal after I stumbled back to my dorm:


2001-11-16 23:37 (link)

i'm so fucking drunk. oh god, and this girl who i saw who's in the other section of my theatre arts class was at the party and she was so hot. oh dear god she was so hot. and like. oh. jesus. there was this girl playing the drums in the basement and i was very drunk so i told her i was her biggest fan and of course she sort of laughed it off and ignored me.

wow. i'm fucked up. where's the women goddamn it? there was one girl who danced with me and her name was becky and she's roommates with that girl that i kissed last weekend but she's much less attractive but i kept thinking it'd be really funny if i kissed her cause then i would have kissed both girls in that room in dascomb on the third floor. but like, she's not very attractive, so i didn't, so like, i didn't get it on with any girls tonight and the only thing this drunkeness is going towards is this weird rant on your livejournal which i'm sure will amuse me greatly tomorrow morning. night yo.