What Would Jackie Chan Do?

by Simon Adkins

It's so hard to find role models in this day and age. It's important to have good role models to offer guidance for today's young people to help us make the right choices. That's why I wear a WWJCD bracelet. Whenever I am faced with a dilemma, I look at the bracelet and see the WWJCD and ask myself "What would Jackie Chan do?"

When I saw kids picking on or teasing a smaller kid, I asked myself, "What would Jackie Chan do?" Jackie Chan would help the little kid, of course. And he'd try to teach the others not to torment people. But, when they ganged up on me, I used the smaller kid's bookbag and lunchpail like they were a pair of nunchucks! JC is a happy-go-lucky guy who even has friends with potty-mouths like Chris Rock in "Rush 24 Hours". He is always helpful to his friends and only fights when he has to fight. Plus, Jackie Chan doesn't drink much, because the Drunken Style Boxing is too dangerous.

So, whenever I'm at a party or a rave or in the mall, I'll always glance at my WWJCD bracelet and look around for ladders, brooms, tables and chairs and ask myself, "What would Jackie Chan do?"