The expression 'woestijnvis' originates from a candidate of wheel of fortune (belgian version).

Was it utter stupidity or just nerves... but the whole word -except one letter- was already revealed (woestijnv?s). Everyone knew the word he had to say was 'woestijnvos' (desert fox), but he answered 'woestijnvis' (desert fish). This was so surreal... People joked about it for weeks !

A few years later some people named a company after it. This company produces tv shows for Belgium and the Netherlands.

One of their best ideas is 'de mol' (The Mole), a big brother kind of show (only much, much, ... better) in which a group of people have to find a saboteur within their own ranks (if the show becomes more popular I'll devote a node to it). The format has been sold to other countries (US, UK, the Netherlands, France). If the show runs in your country, check it out.