you can also play zip zap boing (aka zip zap bop) with 5 people with EYES CLOSED (or just eyes open and just words but no motions), if you add the following moves:

wait. first, let me explain what my friends and I call FLOW. flow is the direction of the invisible "ball" or so-called "electrical charge" that you pass around when you play zip zap boing. Flow can either be clockwise or counter-clockwise. For example, let's say you are sitting in your 5-person circle and you zip the person to your left. then the flow is going clockwise. if you zap the person two over to the right of you, flow is counter-clockwise. if you zap the person two to your left, flow would be... that's right, clockwise. when going across the circle (like when someone zaps), the Flow goes the way that someone would go if they tried to go the least distance between sender of the "electric charge" and the reciever. anyways, that is FLOW. It might be confusing, but important in the following moves.

Zippy: This is essentially a zip, but it goes against the flow to the person next to you. Note: if the person right next to you zips you, you cannot zippy back to them. That would be a BOING!! Not allowed.
Zip: Zip is now a zip that goes with the flow. So when someone zaps you from across the circle, you can either zip or zippy, depending on who you want to pass to.

wait, there's more...

Zappy: When you get zipped by the person next to you, you can zappy against the flow to the person across the circle that is closest if you go the anti-flow direction. (whoa...) Note: If you get zapped from across the circle, you cannot zappy. You can only either zap, which goes across the circle to the person you DIDN't just recieve from, or you can BOING!!! Remember that a Boing outweighs both zippy and zappy. If a zippy/zappy does the same thing as a Boing, use a Boing.
Zap: then, is now a zap WITH the Flow.

Sound confusing? Yeah, it does. Play it with your friends, on the phone, on instant messenger, anywhere!!