Although I'm no expert on p2p, I have tried out quite a couple of programs, starting from my first and greatest love Napster to my nowadays favorite Kazaa Lite. Many filesharing clients have come down the way since Napster and I would like to compare the two most-hyped in this writeup.

Kazaa Lite is a spyware-free and improved version of the well known Morpheus look-alike Kazaa, which offers a great deal of options, like downloading different filetypes such as audio, video and image files. It also comes in handy if you need software. The program offers downloading from multiple sources and is quite fast when downloading popular files.

Advantages: Wide range of files rather easy to find. Tools like the Speed Up - Tool from Kazaa Lite make it fast, given there are enough sources.

What sucks about it: Downloading from only one source can be a total lamer. There are too few high quality .mp3 files available because the normal version of kazaa doesn't support any bitrate higher than 128 kb. It is not possible to download .zip, .rar or .ace files, they have to be set as self-unpacking archive before.

Overnet is the legitimate son of the much-hyped eDonkey2000, which allowed to connect to user-hosted servers and download from them. The Overnet client improves that in searching the whole network and downloading from every user in eDonkey or Overnet.

Advantages: Many websites offer links that will queue a file they offer there in your eDonkey2000/Overnet client. for example has a great deal of files you can't find anywhere else.

What sucks about it: Perhaps it's just me, but the current version of Overnet is just so slow. This may be related to the fact that it hasn't as many users as kazaa has, and there for fewer sources, but the speed really sucks.

My suggestion is to use kazaa for everyday-downloading of music and software, Overnet for the movies you can't find on kazaa.