You know it. The day after. The great misanthrophy. The point where you realize that you're totaly pathetic.

It's not a special day, not a time in the life or a certain point, such as the midlife crisis, it rather is a state of mind that occures to you, a point of non-fluency in thought and mood. A possible trigger event can be a hangover, or a longer period (lets say a week) without any activity, social or otherwise, that has any significant value or output. Than, suddenly, you lay on the sofa, staring at the ceiling, thinking:

"Shit, I done goddam nothing usefull, I have no talent what-so-ever. I am totally pathetic.

When you reached that, there seems no way out, just like a severe depression, like there is a shining button on your head that says "I suck". You invent reasons for why you suck ("Failed math-exam"; "That girl i like hates me"; "My poetry reads like obsessive teen crap"; "Even my goldfish hates me" etc.). You write about how stupid you feel, and take the outcome as proof for your theory.

Reason: Obvious. Something makes you feel bad, physic or psychic (for me, it is drinking or doing nothing), and you are also kind of bored, leading to a very misfortunate mood, similar to teenage angst feelings.

Cure: Send those kids to a decent war, or so. Let them prove themselfs the opposit. Frickin' do something. The best to do is to meet up with some people, get some fresh air, and also to fall in love, get a job or at least have sex.

I've seen it with other people, mainly drunk or some kind of down, but my main source is myself.