A woman's guide to peeing standing up

A few important tips for beginners... not that I've tried it either...

  • Until you master the proper technique, try this in the shower. The only thing worse than getting piss all over your legs is getting it all over your legs, your pants and the bathrooom floor.
  • Also, it would be better to try this with a relatively full bladder. If your stream is weak, it'll probably just dribble all over your pants.
  • Don't constrict your urethra. If you do, urine will spray everywhere. If you don't know where your urethra is, and the piss is already spraying all over the place, then just thank your lucky stars you found this node and as a result decided to do it in the shower...
  • Use as much force as you can when peeing, while still maintaining control. Don't let the flow taper off gradually. When you're about 95% per cent finished, halt the flow abruptly, like flicking a switch. If you can't manage a rapid shut-off, then you'll likely end up with a lot of piss on your pants.
  • And most importantly, don't forget to wash your hands after (along with whatever else might need washing...)