Resin hits can also be gotten by covering up the bowl of a glass pipe with your thumb and sucking the flame through the carb. This is also an easy way to burn your lips or thumb, so don't suck too hard. Resin hits are harsh, taste nasty, and can get you real high. You also can get a resin hit(that you don't particularly want) trying to hit a bowl that is already cashed. When you are sitting around jonesing for buds, resin is all of a sudden your best friend. Whenever I run out of bud, I find myself rummaging through my drug drawer, scraping bits of shake out of old bags, and scraping resin out of every piece I can find. It's kind of depressing, sitting there struggling to get high, thinking about what a fiend you are and how you really do smoke too much pot, and how you've been saying you were gonna cut back, and now that you're broke and don't have any weed, now would probably be a good time for that, but you don't stop, you just keep scraping and shaking the pipe out onto a piece of paper, heating up the pipe to loosen the resin, rolling it into a little ball, kinda shocked at how good you've gotten at this. Then finally you get a decent sized ball, and you put it in your pipe and smoke it. And you know what? Resin is your best friend when your jonesing for buds.

I'm scaring myself.