There is another option available to you, but it requires some effort and dexterity, and a clothes hanger or other long piece of stiff wire.
  1. Take a clothes hanger and straighten it out. Make it as straight as you can, it must be at least as long as the distance from the top of the vending machine to the candy you are trying to get.
  2. There are a few holes in the top of the vending machine. They are always there. I have no idea what purpose these holes serve other than to allow clothes hangers to be stuck into the vending machine.
  3. With a little bit of effort, you should be able to knock the piece of candy off of it's perch. This does require some time, practice, and dexterity, but it is quite possible.
  4. Congratulations! You have now rescued your piece of candy. Enjoy.

Now, all of you immediately think, Wait, I can use this to steal candy as well. This true, but more difficult than you think, because most of the vending machines have holes that are too small to allow a hook in the end of the clothes hanger. So unless the candy is already about to fall, it is very difficult to get the candy free. You can steal candy this way though. A better bet is to try and steal the bags of chips, which are frequently easier to snag and tend to be near the top of the machine where you can more easily push them around. Disclaimer:I do not under any circumstances recommend doing this. Stealing is wrong.