A frisbee throw. Swiss Miss is not used in games. Swiss Miss can be roughly thought of as a reverse of tron, but in some of its (better)incarnations it uses a different grip.

To throw a Swiss Miss, there are a number of ways you can grip the disc. One way is with four fingers on top of the disc pointing towards the middle and your thumb on the inside of the rim. This is a pretty common grip for Swiss Miss, and can be used to get air-bounce on the throw. A better way to grip the disc is to put your thumb on the inside of the rim, put your middle finger on the outside of the rim and put your index finger on top of the disc, approximately where the ridges are. Curl the rest of your fingers back.

Swiss Miss is thrown from the backhand side. It can be thrown from any height(although I have never seen a high-release Swiss Miss), but is always thrown with lots of inside-out, because as with many wack throws, Swiss Miss tends to blade into the ground. Be sure to drop the outside of the disc way down. Swiss Miss takes a fair amount of arm motion, and like tron, you should snap and release fairly early in your motion.