Man, I am having a great weekend. On Friday night, i tripped on acid with some new friends of mine. We started tripping around 5 in the afternoon. We just hung around in the quad, tossing a frisbee around and smoking joints. It was a really nice day. After a while we headed out to this field, and bummed around up there, tripping and smoking and looking at the stars. We had a blanket to sit on, and we'd remembered to bring water and food and stuff, so we stayed out for a while. Eventually we left and walked all the way to the other end of campus, where we climbed on these rocks and trees and stuff. It was good time. Yesterday I went to an Ultimate tournament at Ohio University. Because it's Halloween, everyone wears their costumes on the field. I wore this huge orange pumpkin costume. It was also a really, really nice day. We played Case Western, OSU, a Columbus club team and some other team that I can't remember. We(the Oberlin Flying Horsecows) did pretty well, we only lost to OSU and it was only by a couple of points. I had a lot of fun. Then we drove back to Oberlin in time for the parties last night. So last night I went and partied, drank lots of cheap beer, it was fun. And today it is again an incredibly nice day and I'm going to play more Ultimate in about half an hour. And here's something else - me and my roommate acquired some vacuum tubes a while ago, and we found schematics on the web for an amp we can make with them. So sometime we're going to play with cool electronics and maybe even make a really phat guitar amp. Basically I'm really happy with the way the weekend has turned out. I've played Ultimate, got drunk, did cool drugs, and found this guitar amp we can make. These are all good things. I didn't get any work done or anything, but I don't give a shit. Damn it feels good to be alive.