A common throw in Ultimate Frisbee. Also called the flick or wrist flick. Here are rough instructions on how to throw a forehand. If you would like more detail, check out http://www.ultimatehandbook.com.

First, grip the disc. Put your middle finger under the disc against the rim. Start with your index finger extended towards the middle - this will give you extra support. As you get better, you might want to put your index finger right next to your middle finger for extra snap, but don't worry about that right now. Your ring and pinky fingers should be curled back and your thumb should be on top of the disc. You should be able to hold the disc steady while snapping your wrist back and forth now.

Now the throwing part. Start facing your target, with your left(for a righty) shoulder slightly forward. Hold your arm out to your side, with your elbow away from your body. Your forearm should be tilted slightly downward, so the outside of the disc is tilted towards the ground(this gives the throw some inside-out. Don't worry about that now either.). Now snap your wrist while moving your forearm forward a small amount. Snap your wrist VERY hard, and don't move your shoulder at all. Following through is not necesary. It is perfectly possible to throw a very decent forehand without any arm motion at all, only snapping your wrist. A little arm motion does help, however. If your first forehand wobbles or blades into the ground, don't worry. Snap your wrist more. This throw is called flick for a reason. Keep practicing and check out the Ultimate Handbook if you need more help or want more detail.