My life is getting too complicated. I want to be making easy decisions like, should I have another beer, should I smoke another bowl. These are easy decisions for me to make. But, they are not the kind of decisions I can make anymore. I have to do things like work hard and pass my classes and not smoke up so much. Last night I was kinda starting to kiss a girl at a party, and unlike the last time that happened, I wasn't THAT drunk, and I really did think the girl was cute and cool and I really would like to get to know her better and spend some time with her. But now I have no clue how to do that, because I am seriously lacking in social skills, and I don't know what to do, which means I'm not going to do anything and I'll just let her pass me by. And things in general haven't been going well. I feel like I've been making poor decisions, and I've been fucking my life up pretty bad. I need to make some hard decisions pretty soon I think, and they're called hard decisions for a reason. :-(