A frisbee throw. The backhand is the most powerful and accurate way to throw a disc. As such, it is the most frequently used throw for hucks and pulls. Frequently a team will be forced forehand just to cut down the possibility of a backhand huck.

To throw a backhand, grip the disc with your index finger along the outside of the rim of the disc, your thumb on top, and the rest of your fingers curled into the inside of the rim. Start with your right shoulder towards your target and your weight on your left foot. Your hand should be back near your left hip. Now move your entire arm forward and shift your weight forward. Snap your wrist when your hand is just in front of your body. Timing the whole motion can be tricky, so you might want to start by breaking it down, moving just your arm and not worrying about the weight shift. With practice your arm motion should be smooth and level, and the snap should become a natural conclusion to the whole motion. For more detail, see the Ultimate Handbook, http://www.ultimatehandbook.com.