American comic novel writer responsible for Fag Hag (1992), Closet Case (1994), What They Did to Princess Paragon (1994), Drag Queen (1995), The Bird Cage (the film novelisation) and Kept Boy (1997). According to the blurb on Fag Hag (published by Plume Fiction), he is 'an advertising copywriter in Chicago', and lives with 'a dog (called Nelson), two birds (both called Norman it would seem) and a man (Jeffrey - his partner)'. The additional information comes from the blurb on What They Did to Princess Paragon, published by Dutton. The novels are all hilarious, farcical affairs, involving gay men (and heterosexuals too, obviously) in a variety of mad situations. The writing is lively and solid, the characters well drawn and the situations sublime: by far their best quality, though, is their lack of preaching. The books don't seek to assert any social or political point other than the best one: we're all struggling to make sense of existence, and, on the whole, not doing too bad a job of it. They are well worth reading.