Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 70

My muse may well grudge at my heavenly joy, 
If still I force her in sad rhymes to creep: 
She oft hath drunk my tears, now hopes to enjoy 
Nectar of mirth, since I love's cup do keep. 
   Sonnets be not bound prentice to annoy; 
Trebles sing high, so well as bases deep; 
Grief but love's winter livery is; the boy 
Hath cheeks to smile, so well as eyes to weep. 
   Come then, my muse, show thou height of delight 
In well raised notes; my pen, the best it may, 
Shall paint out joy, though in but black and white. 
Cease, eager muse; peace, pen, for my sake stay, 
   I give you here my hand for truth of this,  
   Wise silence is best music unto bliss.  
Sir Philip Sidney

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