Mutt is track ten off the Blink 182 album Enema of the State. Specifically Tom DeLonge, guitarist of the group, wrote this song about his friend Benji Weatherly. Apparently, according to interviews, Benji is a professional surfer that gets a whole lot of “action”. Benji earned the nickname “Mutt” and so the song, according to Tom, was about a guy and a girl who like to have a lot of “lovin’”. Looking at the lyrics and I am certain that it is no secret how much the song is simply about gettin’ your funk on.

Tom conceded that it is definitely not a deep song, supposed to be very shallowly referring to the horizontal mambo. However, he further concedes: “As long as it seems deep, that’s all that matters.”

This song was also featured in the 1999 film American Pie as well as the band during the scene it is playing. For those searching for this portion of the movie and unfamiliar with the band or the song: whenever Jim is switching houses while Nadia is changing clothes in his room the song Mutt is playing. Furthermore, the band watching the Internet broadcast is Blink 182.

I would include a personal meaning concerning this song but as most fans of the song would agree: there is nothing all that deep here, just a good song based on the music more than anything.