When nearing the station after a great out and back roller coaster or even a hypercoaster, a rider may experience the speed run. A speed run on a roller coaster is a series of speed bumps towards the end of the ride. The bumps are usually small and designed to produce negative g-forces and, in turn, coveted airtime. Some roller coasters will also have their speed run be camel backs, which are built to work together to produce strong negative g-forces and airtime by causing each bump to be smaller than the previous.

Regardless of the size or age of a roller coaster the speed run is a common occurrence. Nearing the station on wooden roller coasters such as Viper, Mean Streak, and Villain you feel the power of the speed run. Steel hypercoasters such as Magnum XL-200 and Desperado also have a good speed run. So as you near the station and float out of your seat, remember that wonderful feeling was brought to you courtesy of the speed run.